How to get rid of parasites in the human body folk remedies

Parasitic infestation can cause many other diseases and lead to dire consequences. That is why great attention should be paid to prevention. Folk remedy for parasites on the health of familiesWhen mild lesions are very useful folk remedy for parasites in the human body that have the least contraindications and side effects than medication.

Tested recipes and recommendations on how to heal from parasites folk remedies presented in the article.

Harmful effects and ways of infection

Helminths represented more than 250 different species, some of which do not undergo full maturation cycle in the human body, but even one of its presence cause significant harm to the body. To power the parasites use all organic and mineral substances, come to us with food.

In addition, an excess of parasites in the body can trigger the blockage of the main channels and lead to life-threatening. Waste products of helminths can cause allergic reactions, and also lead to intoxication. Not ruled out mechanical damage of internal organs, because the larvae and adults are inside our bodies, literally gnawing their way.

This state of things by default can not be normal, so you must by all means try to avoid infection. It is important to determine the main ways of contact with larvae and eggs of helminths in the human body.

How can I get worms:

  1. The easiest and most common way is through dirty hands. During the day when you are touching hundreds of different items on the street, in the store or transport. If you do not maintain the proper level of hygiene, the infestation will inevitably occur.
  2. Inadequate processing of meat and fish can also lead to infection with different helminth species. All products must undergo sufficient heat treatment. Also when cooking it is important to follow all rules and technology, and questionable catering establishments and is best avoided.
  3. On fruits and vegetables may also be the larvae of the parasite. Many species of helminthes makes it possible to grow in the soil and in the human body come in direct contact, or through co-products.
  4. Stray and domestic animals often carry parasites. Some of them are common for human, for others we only become intermediate hosts.
  5. Contaminated water is often the cause of infection. Water from all sources must be boiled, not using raw. In addition, parasitic infections can lead bathing, especially in closed water (ponds, lakes).

Often, the infection occurs for reasons beyond our control. This visiting public places, eating meals of questionable quality in food establishments, as well as contact with an infected person or animal.

It is particularly difficult to protect against infection child, because kids are very actively exploring the world, visit children's groups and platforms, the level of hygiene that cannot be controlled.

Also children are much more likely to break the rules of hygiene, so even the most attentive and loving parents often had to face the consequences of invasions. Use of pharmaceutical drugs is not always advisable, therefore, worth to study traditional methods of pest control. They are less toxic and safe for the body, so often used for the prevention of such diseases.

Symptoms of parasitic infestation

Most people are not even aware of this "neighborhood", while worms will not have an effect. The main symptoms appear in the acute phase, especially with infection with varieties flat parasites. In addition, the symptoms increases with a large population of worms in the body, when their activity poses a real threat to humans.

Cheerleaders have the following symptoms:

Be careful

According to statistics more than 1 billion people are infected with parasites. You may not even suspect that became a victim of parasites.

To determine the presence of parasites in the body easy for one symptom - an unpleasant smell from a mouth. Ask loved ones, whether the smell from your mouth in the morning (before you brush your teeth). If Yes, then 99% probability that you are infected with parasites.

Infestation leads to nervousness, fatigue, sudden mood swings, in the future, begin more serious disease.

In men, the parasite causes: prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand and stones in the kidneys and bladder.

In women: pain and inflammation of the ovaries. Developing fibroids, fibroids, fibrocystic mastopathy, inflammation of the adrenal gland, bladder and kidneys. As well as heart and cancer.

Just want to warn you that there is no need to run to the pharmacy and buy pricey medications, according to pharmacists, corrode all parasites. Most drugs are highly inefficient, in addition, they cause great harm to the body.

The choice between salad and cake

What should I do?

  • The change in dietary habits. Parasites do not respond well to spicy and sour dishes, but sweet for them, a real delicacy. The person may experience strong craving for flour and confectionary, but the weight does not change, or, conversely, leaves.
  • Discomfort in the stomach. May hurt different parts of stomach, chest and even the area under the shoulder blades. Pain are also characterized in different ways. In addition, symptoms of dysbiosis and disorders of the digestive system. Most patients complain of nausea and watery stools, sometimes constipation and almost always — heartburn, belching and flatulence.
  • Deterioration of the General condition. The presence of even minor amounts of parasites in the body always causes some physical and psychological problems. People quickly get tired, does not feel fresh even after a good rest. In addition, can show signs of conduct disorder, sleep disturbances, and lack of appetite, nervousness.
  • The condition of the skin and hair, you can also identify the presence of helminthes. The nutrients that are so necessary in the formation of our bodies, coming in low volume, so the hair will be dull and lifeless, your nails constantly break down, and the skin will become problematic. By the way, the frequent occurrence of rash may indicate the presence of parasites in the body.
  • The weakening of the immune system. The parasite viability brings serious stress to our body, primarily affect the immune system. Frequent colds and prolonged recovery period could be an indication of parasitic infestation.
  • Many types of worms lay their eggs around the anus. That's why it can cause itching in this area, especially aggravated at night.
To detect the presence of worms is possible by laboratory tests. This files most often examines a stool sample, although this is one of the most uninformative surveys. A more accurate result will give the scraping on enterobiasis, but it shows only the presence of certain types of parasites.

Now, increasingly, a survey of blood on a special reagent antibodies, the development of which provoke uninvited guests in our body. Such analyses can be conducted for adults and children, a disadvantage is the high cost and the need for treatment in a private hospital. Defining the exact form of the "enemy" may be easier to choose a way to cure parasites folk remedies.

Folk remedy for parasites in the body

Such recipes are based on the properties of certain natural substances. Most often it is herbal antiseptic that helps not only to expel worms from the body, but also bring toxic substances to their activities.

Ideally, cleaning of organism from parasites in the home should be conducted after medical consultation and examinations, determines the type of helminth. In such cases, the treatment will be effective and safe, Coriander seeds from parasitesand coupled with the basic rules of prevention of infection, will be a reliable protection against various pests.

How to expel parasites from the body of folk remedies:

  • Taken three times a day crushed seed powder of coriander. Mix half a teaspoon, be sure to wash down the spice with plenty of water. After three days of treatment, you can count on results. In some cases, the intake of coriander continues to seven days.
  • A medium onion must be crushed by any suitable way for you. After that, she poured a glass of boiled water. It is necessary to insist not less than 10 hours, after which strain and drink half a Cup a day . such infusion to use four days for effective results.
  • Proven folk remedy parasites — pumpkin seeds. Substance contained in a dark shell between the core and the outer layer, has a strong paralyzing effect on the worms. For prevention you can simply use raw seeds according to your taste. For the treatment you must eat 50 grams every day on an empty stomach (hereinafter also should refuse food and drink), The pine broth from parasitesand after two hours to take a laxative. The course of treatment lasts until the complete deliverance from parasites.
  • Folk medicine against parasites often uses a decoction of pine cones. To cook it is not so easy, but it is a natural and effective remedy. It is necessary to boil the young cones on a slow fire, constantly adding water and removing the foam from the surface. After five or six hours boiling, the mixture is filtered, add sugar and cook for about an hour. This syrup drink two tablespoons on an empty stomach. The treatment lasts a week, you can use for prevention.
  • Purification from parasites at home is watermelon seeds. For this they are grinded in a blender and blend with milk (10 parts liquid to one part seed). Drink a glass a day on an empty stomach.
  • Wood ash obtained by burning of lime also a great folk remedy for parasites in the human body. Manufacturing tools is to mix a teaspoon of natural honey and half — ash. To eat every day, morning and evening with milk.
  • Herbal tea from the leaves of the wild strawberry will also help in the fight against parasites in the home. You can drink it every day, but not more than two consecutive weeks to not lower the efficiency.
  • Helps the regular consumption of onions and garlic. For treatment you can use the fresh juice of garlic (5 drops each day), but only in the absence of contraindications.
  • Fresh pomegranate peel, you can boil and strain (50 grams in 400 ml water). Take half a Cup every day. Carrot seeds from parasitesAfter 4 hours after ingestion is to drink a laxative. During this period it is better not to eat and to drink, so that worked reliably.
  • Crushed cloves (5 grams per Cup of boiling water) to boil and infuse. Strained decoction, take a teaspoon three times a day.
  • A tablespoon of dry ginger root powder to insist in a glass of boiling water. Divided into three doses per day.
  • Shredded carrot seeds (1-3 grams) taken three times a day, drinking large amount of liquid.
Very helpful to regularly eat foods with a sour taste. They will also help cleaning the body of parasites at home. It can be lemon, sour berries and fruits, pickled cabbage and fresh juices.

Prevention helps to avoid serious infection, and will also destroy the parasites. Before use, these products should definitely eliminate the risk of contraindications, because such a diet is not suitable small children, pregnant women and patients with diseases of the stomach and liver.

Prevention of infection

Despite the fact that you can protect yourself from infection with an absolute guarantee is almost impossible, we can reduce the risk. It is enough to adhere to simple recommendations, and in a timely manner to be screened and do not start chronic diseases.

Prevention methods:

  1. To maintain a high level of hygiene and to teach children from childhood to wash your hands several times a day, especially before eating, not to use other people's personal items, toys, clothes.
  2. Carefully handle all the products, observing the necessary rules of cooking. Modern devices will allow you to organize the space in the fridge and in the kitchen in a way to minimize the contact of raw foods and ready meals.
  3. To take preventive measures, using the cleaning from parasites folk remedies for all family members and Pets.
  4. Do not use water and products of dubious quality and eat at questionable establishments.
  5. When buying meat and fish require a sanitary conclusion.

Bring parasites from the body of folk remedies is not so easy, especially if the infection is acute leakage. In some cases, these problems require medical monitoring in a hospital environment, so the self will lead to the threat to health and even life of the patient.

With the relatively light pathology of the perfect folk remedy for parasites. On the side of these recipes — the safety and efficacy, but need to know how to get rid of parasites in the home correctly. Features of such treatment, as well as tested recipes presented in our article.