Means for cleaning the body from worms and parasites

Parasites not all infected. Naturally, among the population of third world countries or some island residents parasitosis suffers literally every first, but the higher a person's level of well-being and hygiene, the less likely that he is ill.

parasites in the body

Where are the parasites in the body

They have huge amounts of lives in the environment. We just don't see it as their eggs (if it is a multicellular organism) usually have small or microscopic sizes. And the parasites-microorganisms and can not speak. For example, the parasitic fungus Candida is widely represented in soils, natural waters, on the surface of fruits, vegetables, items and so on.

In General, do not wash man hands, ate undercooked chicken, patted the dog, and got not only pleasure, but also an unexpected "friend" who will continue to eat and live at his expense, and will also make it a walking source of infection for healthy people.

Unpleasant prospect, isn't it? This takes us back to the need for cleaning. At home you can practice cleansing the body with tar, various teas and other herbal remedies.

Signs of worms

It should be noted that most of the signs of helminthiasis are similar to symptoms of other diseases. So installed the specialist conclusion is often incorrect.

A parasitic worm has the ability to travel extensively in the human body.

The most common signs of parasites in the body:

  1. headaches on a regular basis;
  2. causeless fatigue;
  3. constipation or diarrhea;
  4. vomiting or nausea;
  5. pain in the abdomen;
  6. loss of appetite and resulting loss of body weight;
  7. dizziness or fainting;
  8. disorders of the nervous system, sleep disorders.

A qualified doctor will prescribe all necessary research, build a rational therapy based on individual patient characteristics. Relying on the results of the research, and given the degree of development of worms in the body weight, the age and condition of the immune system, the specialist will prescribe the most suitable drug in order to rid your body of parasites.

parasites in the body treatment

Methods of removing helminths

Before looking for remedy worms from the body, you must consider several important aspects. Medications, the effect of which is aimed at dealing with worms, most of them toxic. This drug can cause individual intolerance of any of the substances that provoke allergic reactions, have a number of contraindications.

Folk remedies have long determined the most secure, but it should be remembered that their action is directed on elimination of harmful worms in the body, which in itself is not a harmless event.

For each type of parasitic worms there are individual elimination, for the death of one is enough one dose of a specific preparation, while others require complex and prolonged treatment. It depends on the life cycle of the malicious microorganism.

Cleansing the body of parasites at home

If sometimes one little pain brings a lot of inconvenience and the person makes every effort to pull it out, the more he will try to get rid of parasites. But it is necessary to understand how the treatment of worm infestation, and when you can connect home ways.

Folk remedies should be used only on medical advice, in the initial stages of the disease and in mild course.Misuse in the home, even folk remedies, may add to the toxicity or lead to complications. Popular recipes body cleansing of human parasites:

  • onion tincture. Cut onion finely. Fill them half of the capacity in which he will stand. It is better to take a bottle or jar 0.5 l capacity with onions pour vodka to the top, leave for 10 days at room temperature. Tincture to release from the bow. Take 1-2 tablespoon before meals twice a day;
  • a decoction of onions. In this case, the onion also finely cut. Pour boiling water, leave overnight, then strain. Take a decoction of 100 ml 2 times a day 3-4;
  • tincture of garlic with horseradish. Grind 25 grams of garlic and horseradish, mix and pour 0.5 liters of vodka, Leave to infuse for 10 days. Periodically the tincture should be used. Take 30 minutes before meals 2 times a day 1 tablespoon;
  • enema of decoction of garlic. Two cloves of garlic to crush and put in an enamel bowl. Add 2 tablespoon of tansy pour all of that 0.5 liters of milk, boil for 10 minutes. Then the broth to cool, pass through a cheesecloth. For one enema, take 2 cups of cooked liquid. It is recommended to repeat the treatment a week;
  • A decoction of herbs. Mix equal parts of chamomile, sea wormwood, wormwood, tansy. Take 1 tablespoon of the mixture brew 200 ml of boiled water, and filtered. Take 200 ml, 2 times for 3 days;
  • body cleansing mineral water: this rough recipe a few decades ago was used not only in national but also in official medicine. With the help of mineral water, rigid diet and sometimes laxatives "chasing" tapeworms. The method was mostly effective, but challenging, because patients had little to no food for up to 2 weeks;
  • tar is a good remedy for external parasites: lice, scabies mites. Any doctor can confirm this. Some unofficial sources add that you can dilute it with water and taken orally to expel worms from the intestines. Sources traditsionnoi medicine claim that it is safe to take birch tar: the cleansing of the body happens within days, but a means also to Express other effects, including cancer. However, it is worth noting that the official medicine doesn't approve of its ingestion. In addition, several years ago, it was revealed that long-term treatment with tar do not heal from cancer, but rather speeds up the number of cases of cancer of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • clove seeds . Thanks burning properties of cloves it is able to boost immunity and bring parasites. And burning from this medication speeds:1st day – take 1/5 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals; the 2nd day – 1/4 tsp 3 times a day before meals; From the 3rd to 10th day – 1/3 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals; after 10-th day – 1 teaspoon of 1 times a week;

There are a number of herbs that have a paralyzing effect on the worms and exerting a laxative effect. They are widely used in the practice of cleansing. For example, wormwood, pumpkin seeds, St. John's wort, buckthorn, clove, green walnut, black walnut and so on. Of them, separately or mixed in different proportions, prepare teas for cleansing the body, which are taken by the course to one month.

Cleaning of organism from parasites prescription of Genghis Khan

This method is named after the famous Mongolian conqueror because it was he who first used the garlic for the health of his soldiers during the long trips. This cleanse is based on eating before sleep finely minced garlic, which should be swallowed without chewing. The procedure is performed in two ways.

parasites in the body traditional methods

In the first case, 2 hours after dinner you need to eat 2 tbsp of sour cabbage, pickled cucumber or an Apple, then a glass of garlic washed down with pickle, any vegetable or Apple juice. The diet the next day should only consist of sauerkraut, pickles and brine. In the second half of the day you need to put an enema of 2 liters of infusion of chamomile with the addition of 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar and sea salt.

The second, more gentle version monthly. During this period every evening, you should eat the same way as in the previous case, but the amount of garlic down to 1 head, starting with the smallest and gradually increasing its size.

To restore the microflora after cleaning, it is recommended to enter in the menu of fermented milk products with bifidobacteria or to drink a course of prebiotics. This cleaning is contraindicated in diseases of the stomach or pancreas.

Cleansing the body of parasites in the home by the method Semenova

Antiparasitic cleaning Semenova is held against bowel cleansing – every day in the morning (between 5-7 hours) and evening (18-19 hours) you must put an enema. It will require 2 l of spring, silicon, or normal boiled water at room temperature with the addition of 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar or any fresh juice of sour berries and fruits.

The first stage of purification of the body: lasts 3 days. Is carried out according to the following scheme: before Breakfast buffet and dinner drink 0.5 cups of infusion of wormwood (1 tbsp of herb per 200 g of boiling water) – it is very important not to increase the dose, because mugwort has stimulating and hallucinogenic properties; every morning before cleansing enema in the rectum is entered, the infusion of garlic, cooked in the evening (1 - 2 crushed cloves pour 1 Cup boiling water, filtered immediately before use).

The second stage of purification of the body: lasts for 7 days. During this period, should be consumed every morning before Breakfast 300 g peeled pumpkin seeds. They need to be cleaned independently, preserving the green shell.

Seeds must be thoroughly chewed and drink 0.5 cups of herbal infusion. To prepare the drink in the evening it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of chamomile and tansy, oak bark, and buckthorn, pour the mixture in a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave until morning. 2 hours after eating the seeds, you must take a laxative, prepared by adding to 100 g of water 30 g of Epsom salts. After 1 hour, put a cleansing enema.

The third stage of purification of the body: lasts 2 days. This is the final stage during which the parasites are excreted from the liver and gallbladder. To do this, use a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil, which should take 2 tbsp in the morning on an empty stomach.After completion of all stages of a course of deworming must be repeated after 2.5–3 weeks.

But the third stage should begin immediately after the second (without break). If necessary, you can spend 3-4 courses in a row, and then as a preventive measure to maintain cleanliness in the body, taking a daily on an empty stomach infusion of anti-parasitic herbs.

Competent regular cleaning the body from parasites folk remedies by Semenova provides effective deliverance not only from the "uninvited guests", but from many health problems. Positive results of each of these techniques are confirmed by the responses of those who held a cleaning.

Grass from parasites in the human body

In the treatment of parasites leading role still occupy wormwood, tansy and yarrow. Wormwood – an indispensable tool in the fight against worms. It even has its own history, as in ancient times, this plant has cured many diseases, including freedom from parasites was the main.

This herb is quite bitter and poisonous, so her taste must first be used, and then go directly to the treatment. You can take as mugwort powder inside, and use the stems to prepare the decoction for enemas.

Mugwort powder begin to take in small doses. Since the fifth day can be chewed three times a day before meals, and the fourth time – at night. So to continue 2 weeks, gradually bringing the dosage down to 1/3 tsp If necessary, treatment can continue up to a month.

Similarly, take tansy and yarrow. They can be used in large doses than wormwood. Herb from worms and parasites in the application need to be combined with the enemas, as they die, the parasites poison the body with toxins that need to be there to wash. The most potent is an enema of the same sage. All of these herbs have the effect of removing parasites from the body, in medicine they are called – grass, deducing parasites.

In addition to helping in the fight against parasites of each of these herbs on their own, in folk medicine, there are many fees that are not inferior in their effectiveness. And the most famous among them – the “triad”: a single dose of a tansy – 1 g daily – 3 g; wormwood – up to 300 mg at one time per day of 1 g, not more; cloves – 0.5 g per reception, with a maximum of 1.5 g per day.

parasites in the body prevention

Preventive measures and General recommendations

For a positive result of the struggle with pests, you should follow some simple rules. During treatment it is necessary to revise the diet.

The use of all alcoholic beverages during therapy are excluded, as antihelminthic drugs and folk ways cause the liver additional stress that, in General, negatively affecting its function. If the specialist was assigned to the sorbents needed to endure a two-hour interval between their admission and antihelminthic means. Corrode worms, almost immediately being of the patient is greatly improved.

In order to exclude infection with helminths or manifestation of recurrence, it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

  • to abide by the rules of private hygiene;
  • to clean their own homes with the use of cleaning agents;
  • to handle the Pets from parasites;
  • avoid contact with stray animals;
  • thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits;
  • use of antibacterial agents;
  • eliminate swimming in unknown bodies of water;
  • to expose meat and fish intense heat treatment.

Removal of harmful worms from the body – the process is very difficult and time consuming. It is easier to prevent the appearance of worms, than to withdraw them over time. However, the treatment is carried out it is essential to avoid serious consequences and development of complex diseases that parasitic worm is able to provoke.